One day Parto comes to see his best friend, Ogan. He tells
Ogan that he had a strange experience, this is what he
says :
” Gan, I saw a very long snake that I never see in my life
before “.
” Really ! ? how long is it ? ” Ogan asks.
” The snake was long, when you saw the head in the
morning than you will see the end of its tail in the evening
” Parto explains.

” Wow.. its very long. I have also find a very big egg in the
When I put mark on one side of that egg than I need to go
arround the egg for a day to find the mark again ” Ogan
tells also his experience.

” You must be kidding, no chicken can produce that kind
of big egg. You must be lying ! ” Parto says not to believe

But Ogan calmly says : ” OK. You shorten your snake and
I will make my egg smaller than before ! ”

” OK. Deal ” Parto agreed.


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